tips for hiring Busty London escorts

In a business predominantly controlled by women, male escorts are at a loss. Most of the times they do not know what to say or do. Unlike their female counterparts, their services are less demanded. As a result they have very little exposure if any at all. The truth of the matter however, there are women interested in being served by the London male escorts. Unfortunately, there are very few London escort agency businesses dealing with male escorts. Furthermore, the more exposed female version isn’t yet accepted socially. This makes it even harder for any common men to come up with the idea of hiring an escort through London escort agency . In short, male escorts are not as popular as female counterparts. What matters is what needs be done to improve the situation. If you are a male escort, read on for a few tips. This will hopefully instil ideas that will help prosper your London escort job.

Never forget to use protection.

In order to prevent any potential spread of sexually transmitted diseases use protection always. Even when you are not practising penetration sex, please do use protection. Remember, sexually transmitted diseases get spread as soon as bodily fluids come into contact. In regards to this, avoid exchange of bodily fluids as much as possible. As such, deep kissing needs be practised with deep precaution. When licking your client’s privates use dental dams and when fingering her use the finger cots. This helps minimise risk of infection when not involved in active sex. In the meantime, it serves as re-assurance to the client matters safety standards.

Offer clients the best of service.

An high class London escorts goal is to satisfy his client . You should come up with the best of ideas to excite your client to her greatest. Since women are different try different romancing techniques. In no time you will be able to decide what a certain kind of woman wants just by looking at her. In the meantime, an inexperienced escort should read widely on such techniques and perfect his art of implementing them. However, Luscious busty London escorts  at  should go ahead with caution for what pleases a certain client might be offensive to another. Again, female clients are sensitive as compared to male clients. They need be treated with extreme ability and care.

Foreplay is important for women make use of it.

Some male clients would ask for sex as soon as the escort arrives. This is not the case for women. Female client’s need a bit of fondling and touching before the busty escort gets into business. Here all foreplay techniques learnt need be put into use. Research widely on such techniques and never hesitate to try new ideas. Escorts should also have a feel of involvement for the more you enjoy, the more your client enjoys.

Introduce sex toys where convenient.

Some women love sex toys. If you find out your client falls in that class, don’t hesitate to use it on her. There is a lot of information on sex toys over the internet. Make use of it and device unique ways of stimulating pleasure with the help of such toys. If the client wishes to use them on you as well don’t hesitate. You might be on you path towards discovery of a new sensation. Furthermore, if it heightens her sexual satisfaction the better.



All of the above are just some of the many available tips. As a London male escort, you should use them wisely and for your own benefit. Read widely on these and other techniques and your job will take you places.