Celebrity Birthdays For The Week Of Oct. 6-12

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - SEPTEMBER 29: Israeli President Shimon Peres places a tulip on the wall during his visit to the Dutch Theatre (Hollandsche Schouwburg) on September 29, 2013 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The theatre was used as a location to deport Jews in the second World War and is now a monument. Peres is on an official four day visit to the Netherlands. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images)

Tax records indicate that Fisher House, which provides lodging for wounded vets and their families, saw $1,710 of that. (The charitys reps confirmed that they received a donation but would not disclose the amount.) And in 2011, when then-Sen. Scott Brown and then-Rep. Allen West did standup, Funniest Celebrity netted $17,530 (after grossing a remarkable $53,000), and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation got a check for $1,020. However: That check bounced, a Komen rep told us and they have no record of receiving a replacement. Siegel maintains that Komen received $1,400 from Funniest Celebrity. Where did the rest of the money go? Besides event costs, tax forms cite expenses such as rent, phone, travel, Web site and Siegels fee. Unlike previous years, he drew no salary in 2009. In 2010, he was paid $4,225; in 2011, it was $21,559. (Tax forms for 2012, when there was no Funniest Celebrity event, were not available.) Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher performs at Funniest Celebrity in 2009. (Dan Zak / The Washington Post) Doug White, a scholar of philanthropic practices, said that well-run charities aim for a 75-25 ratio, where the larger number goes to the charitable mission and the smaller sum to operating costs and expenses. For big galas and seated dinners, costs shouldnt exceed 40 percent.

‘Funniest Celebrity in Washington’: VIPs still rally to fundraiser despite little aid to charity

The famously private couple didnt announce the baby name or any other details, however the Spanish magazine Vanitatis reported the baby name was registered in Madrids central registrar office as Luna Encinas Cruz. Luna is Spanish for Moon, while Encinas is Bardems first surname. Cruz and Bardem also have a son, 2-year-old Leonardo . Sarah Michelle Gellar Secret baby name: Rocky James Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. kept the name of their baby boy a secret for three months after he was born. The couple, who have a 3-year-old daughter named Charlotte , kept their son out of the spotlight until they were ready to reveal his name as Rocky James. No word on the meaning behind the unique moniker, but perhaps they are boxing fans? Trent Reznor Secret baby names: Lazarus Echo and Balthazar Nine Inch Nails’ rocker Trent Reznor keeps his private life under wraps, so it is no surprise that many fans may not know that not only is he married, but he has two sons! Reznor married Mariqueen Maandig, who was lead singer for the band How to Destroy Angels. She and Reznor tied the knot in 2009 and they had their first son, Lazarus Echo, in October 2010. They wasted no time in having their second child, as their son Balthazar was born on Dec.

Celebrity chef dabbles in Scotch

Singer Melinda Doolittle (American Idol) is 36. Actor Wes Ramsey (CSI: Miami) is 36. Oct. 7: TV personality Joy Behar is 71. Drummer Kevin Godley of 10cc is 68. Country singer Kieran Kane of The OKanes is 64. Musician John Mellencamp is 62. Guitarist Ricky Phillips of Styx is 62. Actress Mary Badham (To Kill a Mockingbird) is 61. Actress Christopher Norris (Trapper John, M.D.) is 60. Drummer Tico Torres of Bon Jovi is 60. Gospel singer Michael W. Smith is 56.

Secret celebrity baby names revealed

Trent Reznor and wife Mariqueen Maandig

Just add items to create a watchlist now: Add The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud The bottle: The Dalmore Selected by Daniel Boulud , $200 The backstory: We have celebrity chef-branded cookware. And celebrity chef-branded frozen pizza. Heck, theres even a celebrity chef-endorsed antacid . So, why not have a single-malt Scotch that bears a celebrity chefs name? That was the thinking when The Dalmore, a whiskey with roots going back to 1839, partnered with French-born, New York-based chef Daniel Boulud on this limited-release bottle (just 1,000 will be made available, sold through high-end wine and liquor stores as well as eventually through the chefs online store ). Even though he keeps busy running 14 restaurants around the globe, serving a $32 braised rib and foie gras burger, among other dishes, Boulud was actively involved in creating the spirit, working with Dalmore master distiller Richard Paterson on selecting specific barrels to create the final blend, which includes whiskies aged up to 18 years. (But its a mistake to call the final product a blend since all the whisky in it originates from a single distillery.) I wanted a generous, full-bodied whisky, but with aromas of caramel and also some candied orange and toasted praline, says Boulud. Um, who says Frenchmen drink only Cognac? Key stat: Click to Play Daniel Boulud tries his hand at Scotch After months of working with the renowned distillers at The Dalmores, chef Daniel Boulud is offering a bespoke single malt based on the cuisine of his restaurants. Charles Passy joins the News Hub for Weekend Sip. (Photo: AP) The Dalmore (and the brand name always has The in front of it) has gained a reputation for offering some of the worlds most expensive and sought-after whiskies. A case in point: The recently released Richard Paterson Collection 12 bottles of whiskies that date as far back as 1926, packaged together for $1.4 million. That makes the $200 Boulud bottle a steal by comparison. Also see: 10 things celebrity chefs wont say What we think about it: Bouluds whiskey lives up to its heavy promise at least on the nose.