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Her on-off relationship with fellow cast mate Gaz had viewers gripped. Famously labelled as Cheryl Coles favourite, Charlotte loves to be the centre of attention and describes herself as fun, loveable, ditzy and laid back. Courtney Stodden Courtney Alexis Stodden is an American television personality and model. At 16 Courtney, an aspiring country music and pop music singer and actress became in touch online with critically acclaimed ‘Green Mile’ actor Doug Hutchison, on the recommendation of a friend who worked in Hollywood and knew Hutchison. They began a courtship over the Internet. On 20th May 2011, the couple married in Las Vegas. Danielle Marr Danielle Marr is celebrity Botox Doctor and clinical Director of DermaFace Clinic. She rose to fame through the reality show ‘Dublin Wives’. Dustin Diamond Dustin Diamond is an American actor best known for his role as Samuel “Screech” Powers in the television show ‘Saved by the Bell’. Hes also appeared on the reality TV show ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ and published a memoir, Behind the Bell. Dustin has also directed and released his own sex tape called ‘Screeched Saved by the Smell’.

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Overly invested in their pregnancies, we American women obsessed about everything from their morphing midsections and the ways in which their miniatures would have the best of everything. Multiple nannies? Cribs of solid gold? Diapers lined with cashmere? These blessed babies were already more attractive and wealthier than wed ever be pre-approved for Amex black cards even in utero. Now contrast that to these modern times, in which Angie faces scrutiny for letting Shiloh wear boys clothes and Katie has taken heat for sexualizing Suri with high heels and preservative-filled phallic snacks. Some might argue that technology camera phones and celebrity blogs have merely made these daily parenting struggles more visible. Still others might say, Hey, this is America. We have a knock em down to build them up culture. But it seems to me that wed much rather treat these women like fantasized extensions of ourselves and we are only fascinated in them just as long as we can aggrandize or deflate them in order to assuage our egos. At the moment, theres much speculation as to the kinds of mothers our famous new mommas will be, with most concluding that Duchess Kate will be working and hands on while Kim Kardashian will be fame-whoring and attention-conscious. But these assumptions actually say more about our own collective self-image, dont ya think? It doesnt take a board-licensed shrink to see that Kim brings us face to face with our misgivings about ourselves the shame we feel about social media and self-exposure , about being a generation that tweets before we think. We celebrate Kate, on the one hand, because were reluctant to part with princess fantasies and, on the other, because with her high street fashions and former commoner status, we like to think she is just like us. In reality, both women are everything and nothing like us, and the way we relate to them depends entirely on whether we like what we see. Its tough work being an archetype. In these Lean In times, we search, across blogs and broadsheets, for an ideal mother (replete with perfect children in tow) to mirror our own identity as modern-day superwomen. But when these highly visible mothers disappoint us by frumpy appearance , selfish work schedule , or some other flawit triggers our own shame and frustrations as parents.

Celebrity MasterChef: Humble Ade Edmondson was a worthy winner

4. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Nicole Richie was seen wearing a denim dress outside her hotel after attending the Style Awards in New York City on Sept. 4. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Michael C. Hall was seen with his girlfriend departing LAX Airport where he also signed a few autographs for fans on Sept. 4. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Justin Timberlake arrived at the KISS FM studio looking cool and casual in a black fedora and sunglasses on Sept. 4 in London, England. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Josh Duhamel was full of smiles as he stepped out in Los Angeles, Calif., on Sept. 3, just days after welcoming a son named Axl into the world. Celebrity Photos: September 2013 Dianna Agron was seen out and about at the East Village neighborhood in New York City on Sept.

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Sure he could go the obvious route – a quick twirl on Strictly, a cheeky kangaroo testicle on Im A Celeb but I think Les is too good for that. So, here are a few ideas that Les and his agent should definitely mull over Less Dennis – Les and a group of overweight men called Dennis lose weight via a series of increasingly alarming diets. Les Miserables Dennis – one man show. Celebrity Les Dennis impersonator Les Dennis plays all of the roles in a six hour stage version of Les Mis. Les Dennis the Menace – childrens cartoon, starring an animated Les who each week gets himself into a scrape where he has to distance himself from a lurid tabloid allegation. 4) If it satisfies the bald one – brilliant When I close my eyes, all I see is Gregg Wallaces face. Gregg listening to John describe a salad. Gregg sneering at a lousy looking stew. Gregg agog at a pudding. Gregg reacting to Les Denniss menu as if Les is recounting atrocities from the Balkan wars in unflinching and unbelievable terms. Gregg pondering a minor tv stars decision to stick anchovies in a cottage pie. Gregg. Gregg. Gregg Wallace. 5) Thats a big snog of a fish So, there we are then, the winner of Celebrity MasterSaladCook 2013 was Eddie Hitler.