London Transport Authority Tackles Tube Etiquette With Poetry

Poets in residence will be performing at nine London stations, including Liverpool Street, Waterloo, London Bridge and Leicester Square, at lunchtime and during the early evening commute for the entire week, with further pop-up performances around the TfL network. TfLs week of poetiquette recitals coincides with National Poetry Day on Thursday 3 October. The London public transport authority, which has a long tradition of promoting poetry on its tube network, has also set up a Tumblr page which invites travellers to submit four-to-six-line poems inspired by their daily commute. Acre said: I think people when theyre on the tube are so in that zone of huddling in and just getting through it and getting to work. Its nice to give people something a bit different and maybe inspire them and make them think in a different way, even if its just for a minute. This project is a great opportunity to get poetry out there to more people that maybe would never listen to it and it wouldnt occur to them that they might like it. The nine poets will be writing topical verses and giving recitals in busking spots at their local station, with Acre performing at London Bridge. The other poets giving twice-daily recitals are Amy McAllister (performing at Angel), Jacqueline Saphra (Canary Wharf), Sarah Wardle (Embankment), Sophie Herxheimer (Knightsbridge), Richard Purnell (Hammersmith), Joolz Sparkes (Leicester Square), Deanna Rodger (Liverpool Street) and Dan Simpson (Waterloo). Acre, McAllister, Simpson, Rodger and Purnell will also be performing at other TfL locations, along with poets Emma Jones, Keith Jarrett, Raymond Antrobus and Richard Marsh. The recitals kick off a wider TfL marketing campaign that will also feature poster advertising across London public transport including tube, bus, rail, trams and the Docklands Light Railway. Poster ads will feature drawings by graphic artists illustrating poetry urging commuters not to drop litter, obstruct train doors and if they are taken ill on the underground, not to push the alarm button but wait and get off at the next station. One of the ads features the lines: Its tempting to obstruct the doors, until you know what this can cause. It doesnt just delay the train, but can cause damage, hurt and pain. TfL said it was launching the poetiquette campaign to cut down on 400 hours of tube train delays a year, which it said could be avoided by small changes to commuters habits. It added that in 2012 there were 469 incidents involving litter leading to delays, with 81% caused by litter caught in train doors, while more than 1,000 passengers fell ill while travelling on the tube network. Other habits that delay tube trains, according to TfL, include holding doors open and not moving down inside carriages.

Game plan London: The NFL abroad


Mens Singles Round 2, Womens Singles Round 1, Mens Doubles Round 1, Womens Doubles Round 1, Mixed Doubles Round 1 Thursday 3 October Finals BWF With several of the world’s leading players absent from the tournament, Denmark will provide the big names in the men’s draw, with world No. 5 Jans O. Jorgensen the No. 1 seed. His main competition will come in the form of second seed Hans-Kristian Vittinghus. In the women’s draw, meanwhile, it will be Thai world No. 16 Porntip Buranaprasertsukwho will start the tournament as favourite for the main prize. Her main competition, meanwhile, is likely to come in the form ofBusanan Ongbumrungpan, who is currently ranked No. 20 in the world per BWF . Local attention will be on English No. 1 and world No. 25 Rajiv Ouseph, who will begin the men’s tournament as the No. 4 seed. The English No. 2 pair ofChris Langridge andPeter Mills, meanwhile, will begin the men’s doubles tournament as a second seed.

London Police should stop targeting Western students

On yet another measure, the NFL’s main Facebook page has 8 million “likes”; NFL China’s Facebook page has a mere 199 “likes”; and the league does not maintain a separate Facebook page for the U.K. As an export concept, Fuller says, football is not without headwinds. “Whereas for basketball or soccer it’s relatively easy to put together a team, put two jerseys down for a goal, or find a basketball hoop and just start playing, there’s a lot of structure to football that makes it more difficult to transport to another country,” he says. “There’s the structure of the team, the structure of the officials. There’s also the cost of the equipment,” he says. The modest amount of padding permitted but not required, for example, for players of rugby pales in cost compared to a helmet, shoulder pads, leg padding and other accessories deemed absolutely necessary for football players. NFL titans Troy Polamalu (43) of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings met Sept. 29 as the NFL returned to London and Wembley Stadium. The Vikes outlasted the Steelers 34-27, thanks in large part to Peterson’s efforts. Kirby Lee, USA TODAY Sports Last Slide Next Slide Still, growth for the game at the grass-roots level at the field level does nevertheless appear to be taking place in the U.K. “It’s an upward trajectory in terms of participation,” says Andy Fuller, the director for student football at the British American Football Association, the national governing body for the sport here. BAFA’s Fuller says that there has been “rapid and tremendous growth within the higher education sector” with a full 76 college teams now competing and what he called a “tranche more” ready to launch for the 2014 and 2015 season. In 2008, there were 42 teams playing college football in the U.K. But to misquote Shakespeare, there are more things between heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your desire to see football matches played in Britain, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

London Grand Prix Gold 2013: Complete Event Schedule and Preview

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London Police deemed the demonstration a nuisance and ticketed head cheerleader Max Gow. The teams coach told the London Free Press he and Gow plan to fight the ticket. That wont surprise anyone. What will is that this fine was just one of 270 issued during Saturdays celebration. The number might seem high to outsiders but students here are used to the annual ticketing blitz know as Project LEARN (Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise), when party, noise and litter bylaws are strictly enforced for the first month of classes. Many students, myself included, think the campaign targets us unfairly. Normally, if the music from a house party is too loud, a neighbour will call and request police intervention. During Project LEARN, police patrol student residential areas sniffing out noisy parties that nobody complains about. Westerns University Students Council is looking for alternative. Project LEARN assumes that all students lose control, causing harm to ourselves and others. But contrary to popular opinion, young people have a great capacity to act responsibly. We take care of friends who may have had too much to drink. Most respect our neighbours. If theres a problem, we should be able to ask for the polices help, not their tickets. Its the exceptional incidentslike last years riot near Fanshawe College, that popularize the image of the crazy Western students but that riot had little to do with us.

Vikings Blog: An American Football Fan In London

Later that night I walked in the Covert Garden & Leicester Square area, and it was the same thing: many Steelers fans wearing their team colors and no Vikings fans wearing theirs. Maybe it was the embarrassment of being 0-3 but to not see anyone wearing purple on Saturday was a bit of a surprise. Sunday was a different story as with game day finally here people were starting to get excited. On the train into Wembley I talked to a couple from St. Paul, Roman and Julie Dudar. For Roman it was his third time visiting London but it was the first time for his wife. We try to get to a few Vikings game each year. Roman said. When I found out they were playing in London, I thought this would be a great opportunity to bring my wife over on a trip. Another lad I met on the tube was Andrew, who is from London. He said he had been a Vikings fan since 1998 and became familiar with football from playing the Madden video game series. He was traveling in with three other friends, one of which being a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. All four were excited to see their first ever NFL game in person. As I arrived at Wembley I realized that this was more of an NFL event than anything else as fans were wearing jerseys from not only the Vikings and Steelers but their favorite NFL players and teams. While there was a decent following of fans from Minnesota and Pittsburgh many fans from all parts of England and Europe traveled to Wembley to watch the game. Walking around the stands I met a fan from Spain named Alberto who is a fan of Minnesota sports teams because of Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio. Dressed in a Randy Moss, jersey he said his dream was to come to the United States to watch a Vikings game in person and was thrilled he was finally able to see his favorite team in person for the first time.