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Oracle Team USA Breathes Life Into America’s Cup With Historic Comeback

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“I think a lot of people who were never interested in sailing suddenly got interested in sailing,” Ellison, the software billionaire who owns Oracle Team USA, said after the American boat kept the Cup with one final thrilling win on Wednesday. Mainstream interest spiked because of Oracle’s almost unimaginable comeback, the 72-foot catamarans that would pop up on hydrofoils and speed above the waves, their hulls completely out of the water, and the scenic backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island. Now comes the challenging part for Ellison and Coutts, a New Zealander who has won the America’s Cup five times, three as a skipper and twice as Oracle Team USA’s CEO. Oracle Team USA will have to decide whether the America’s Cup remains in San Francisco and whether the AC72 catamarans return or are downsized. This was the first America’s Cup sailed inshore rather than miles out to sea, making it more accessible to fans and TV viewers. While Ellison has raved about San Francisco Bay as a natural amphitheater, organizers ran into vocal political opposition, lawsuits and community protests over the public cost of the event to the city’s treasury and environment. Ellison joked that the next America’s Cup will be around the Hawaiian island of Lanai, most of which he owns. The Cup could be back in San Francisco, or it could go to Hawaii or the highest bidder. After Oracle won the silver trophy in 2010, there were reports Ellison was interested in holding the regatta in Italy. “I think this regatta was the most magnificent spectacle I’ve ever seen on the water,” said Ellison, a long-time sailor. “San Francisco Bay is a great backdrop for a sailboat race.

USA student government leaders, faculty senate mourn loss of Gordon Moulton

I know that he has touched many lives through South Alabama and will continue to inspire students across generations. I ask the Jaguar family and the Mobile community to keep Mrs. Geri Moulton and the Moulton family in your thoughts and prayers.” Faculty senate remembers “The faculty of South are today united in their grief for President Moulton and in their concern and affection for Mrs. Moulton. President Moulton set the standard for devotion to the University of South Alabama, and despite whatever differences may have from time to time emerged between faculty and his administration, there was never any doubt that these were dwarfed by what he and we share – a love for this University and a desire to see it become everything it can be,”Faculty senate president Doug Marshall told “The retirement, and now passing, of President Moulton undoubtedly represents the end of a long and illustrious chapter in the history of USA. But it is important to remember that chapters are, ultimately, parts of the same book. Whatever wonders the next chapter holds, they will be due in no small part to the ideas and opportunities that President Moulton inscribed in this one. Indeed, it is up to all of us here at South and here in Mobile to make sure that the next chapter stands as its worthy successor, in which both President Moulton’s, and President Whiddon’s most ambitious visions of what USA can become are realized and even exceeded,” Marshall said. The impact of Moulton was far wider than just USA. Local politicians and USA students also felt that the loss of Gordon Moulton was great. A candlelight vigil is planned for Monday, September 30 at 7:30 p.m. at the Moulton Tower on campus. A memorial is planned for October 2 at 4 p.m.