Paris Hilton Calls Making Music With Lil Wayne ‘an Honor’

The music of the “Breaking Bad” finale

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The Technological Exhaustion Of Music : Why Jimmy Jam And Terry Lewis Are The Best Producers Ever

This is a screen capture of Count Basie at the...

It was the Marx Brothers Lydia the Tattooed Lady, played just before Walt intercepted the call and informed Lydia hed poisoned her with ricin. So go the lyrics: Lydia, oh Lydia, that encyclopedia Lydia, the queen of them all She once swept an admiral clean off his feet The ships on her hips made his heart skip a beat And now the old boys in command of the fleet For he went and married Lydia With Lydias partner dead by strangulation and Lydia herself waiting out her own death by poisoning, the songs deeply ironic: Lydia, far from bringing herself and the man in her wake to fortune, has brought them to ruin. The episodes final song playing as Walt realizes hes dying, with a deep sense of apparent relief, at least to this viewers eyes was Badfingers Baby Blue. Its a song titled precisely after the color of the very specifically colored pure meth Walts been producing this whole time. And its lyrics mirror his situation as he finally falls to the ground, dead: Guess I got what I deserve. Not every lyric rhymes perfectly with Walts situation, but, just after the pre-chorus goes, Didnt know youd think, that Id forget, or Id regret, the chorus sums up Walts life even more aptly: The special love I have for you Baby blue In its final moments, Breaking Bad used music to reiterate what Walt told his estranged wife in their final moments together manufacturing and dealing meth had made him feel alive. It was a very special love. And, as the song reaches its conclusion, the lyrics get darker, indicating the times that I tried to make a match work without connecting for how many seasons has Walt tried to reconcile his love for dealing meth with his life? But in the end, he couldnt fight it. As Badfinger sang in their closing-credits song: The feeling just gets stronger every day. And so it did, up until the day he died. Daniel D’Addario is a staff reporter for Salon’s entertainment section. Follow him on Twitter @DPD_ More Daniel D’Addario. more The worst finales ever Alias, All the Time in the World, 2006 The spy dramas supernatural elements overtook it by the finale, in which nemesis Sloane has become immortal but is imprisoned in a tomb. We liked the show when it was about a martial-arts expert in wigs!

It’s the first cut off her upcoming album, slated for a 2014 release. “I love being in the studio. Music has always been a huge passion of mine,” Hilton said. “So to be having my new single out with Lil Wayne, it’s just such an honor, and I’m so excited for the world to hear it.” Hilton revealed that she’s more excited than nervous for fans to hear her long-in-the-works material. “I’ve been recording this album for about a year and a half now,” Hilton revealed. “After being in Ibiza I was so inspired I met so many amazing DJs and producers, so people kept sending me different songs and making this album and I’m so proud of it.” It wasn’t until she became reacquainted with Cash Money CEO Birdman on the set of the ” Tapout ” video [the two originally met at the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards in Miami] that Hilton’s vision really started to take form. “We ended up meeting up after the video and I played him some of my songs and he loved them and signed a deal together,” Hilton said. “It’s so exciting. I love working with him. He’s so smart and so creative and inspiring and I just look up to him so much as a businessman and what he’s created, and I think it’s perfect to be part of the Cash Money family .” And it seems that the Cash Money family, which includes Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj, are equally as excited to have Hilton on board. “They’ve been so supportive and amazing.

But how is it that when it gets to music, somebody plugs into a computer or somebody plugs into a synthesizer and thats the most horrific thing in the world? All art is a combination of art and technology. In speaking ofjazz musics evolution and how it facedtechnological exhaustion, Mtume in referencing a conversation with Miles Davis stated, If you are going to create new music you must have access to new sounds and new colors. And thats what the electronics opened. Thats what Jam and Lewis accomplished in the early 1980s when Soul music, in the wake of the Disco phenomenon, faced a kind of creative exhaustion. They expanded the palette of available sounds and colorful shades in the meaning and diction of words through innovative re-combination, song-writing and technology a classic example of creative destruction and entrepreneurial risk-taking in music. Barry Walters put it well in editorializing for Rhapsody last month, Cynics will complain that Jam and Lewis killed off traditional R&B, and theyre partially right: The duos synth-enabled studio precision unquestionably rendered both funk bands and countless session players outdated. But who can say that their work with Michael Jackson , Barry White , Mary J. Blige , Usher , El DeBarge and many other greats lacks soul? Theyre canny songwriters who capture the complexities and peculiarities of love; producers whove turned good singers into great ones; and sonic magicians whove wiped years off veteran talents. Their influence on todays pop and R&B scene remains massive: If Justin Timberlake s post- NSYNC solo vibe wasnt at all inspired by Jam and Lewis absurdly genius production for Jordan Knight s Give It to You (an early Robin Thicke cowrite), well eat our Kangols. This is a screen capture of Count Basie at the piano from the movie “Rhythm and Blues Revue”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Their management of the transitory stages of sound where one family of instruments reaches a point of creative exhaustion while another one is rejuvenated by technology and preference (i.e. the Neve mixing consoles effect on drums) has been not only a necessary act of survival but one where the subtlety of their talent could be lost on all but seasoned professionals. For context it helps to consider what happened in dance culture during the Big Band-Swing era. This weekend Sonny Allen dance legend from the Savoy and Palladium Ballroom era explained to me how the art was affected by the emphasis placed on two different instruments. He said that prior to the era of Erskine Hawkins and Count Basie , one couldnt hear the bass prominently, so it was the drum by which the dancer kept time. But when the bass became amplified it assumed that function and the drum was then played in syncopation. In other words, the drum became complimentary, shifting the way the dancer thought, felt and moved.