Rihanna Booed In Australia After Showing Up Late To Her Own Concert

30) for a show at Roosevelt University’s Auditorium Theatre and delivered perhaps the finest concert in the Windy City this year. Singer Jonsi and company were joined by an 11-piece band as the atmospheric pop act tore through some of its most recognizable songs, from the beautiful (“Glosoli”) to the poppy (“Hoppipolla”) to the fierce and powerful (“Saeglopur,” which garnered some of the loudest applause of the evening when the crowd heard the opening piano notes.) The live band included a horn section that added new sounds to old favorites like “Vaka” and livened up new tunes such as “Hrafntinna,” an early-set highlight with its clattering percussion. Sigur Ros played six of the nine songs from their latest album, “Kveikur.” While one could lodge numerous complaints against the Auditorium Theatre – don’t worry, we’ll get to those in a moment – one thing the venue had going for itself was fantastic sound. All the way to the top of the balcony, six floors up, the audio was clear and sharp. And if there’s one band for which you want quality audio, it’s Sigur Ros, who craft their complex songs with everything from horns to xylophones to Jonsi’s trademark guitar playing using a violin bow. The final moment of the concert was the best, a lengthy rendition of “Popplagi,” the closing track on the group’s untitled 2002 album. The song has always been a part of the group’s setlists, but the guys took it to a new place by extending the slow build to the final crescendo of crashing drums. It was a mindblowing finish to an outstanding show. The band left the stage after that and came back to take multiple bows but did not perform an encore. How could they? There was no way to top what they had just done. As for the venue, the Auditorium Theatre left a lot to be desired, and we’re not just talking about its ancient, tiny, uncomfortable seats. Incomprehensibly, the venue made the decision to close its upper balcony and move everyone who had purchased tickets there to a different seat.

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The Beyond Wonderland concert attracted about 40,000 fans over two days, Mountain View Police Lieutenant Chris Hsiung said. Most of those arrested were charged with furnishing or using illegal drugs such as Ecstasy, LSD and the depressant GHB; police also arrested some people for drunkenness and others wanted on outstanding warrants, Hsiung said. The goal was to interdict as many drugs as possible to keep the concert safer, he said. “We’re just happy and thankful that it’s continued to be a safe operation,” he said. On Saturday, “we make it through without any major medical issues.” The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department transported those arrested to Santa Clara County Jail. Officers from Sunnyvale and Palo Alto assisted Mountain View Police at the concert, which was limited to those 18 and over. Two hours before the concert’s 11 p.m. scheduled end, police had made 55 arrests on Sunday, but the number was steadily growing, Hsiung said. Three years ago, two people died of drug overdoses at a Memorial Day rave at the Cow Palace. Several months later, more than a dozen people attending a rave there fell ill because of suspected drug and alcohol use and were sent to hospitals. Several years ago, two people died of overdoses in connection with a similar music party at the Cow Palace. Contact Sharon Noguchi at 408-271-3775.

Mountain View Police arrest more than 100 at weekend rave concert

Rihanna is currently on the last stretch of her Diamonds World Tour, hitting cities in New Zealand, South Africa, and Puerto Rico, before wrapping in New Orleans on Nov. 15. Loading Slideshow Justin Bieber (2013) Location: Dubai What happened: A fan suddenly rushed the stage toward Justin Bieber as he played a grand piano, prompting security guards to dash after the person. The scene escalated as they halted the fan onstage, knocking the piano on its legs in the process. A young man claiming to be the overzealous fan called into Virgin Radio Dubai the following day, saying he only wanted to “hug him and maybe take a picture.” Danny Brown (2013) Location: Minneapolis What happened: Rapper Danny Brown invited female fans to join him onstage during a concert, and one used the opportunity to get a little closer than expected. The woman pulled down Broan’s pants and attempted to give him unsolicited oral sex while he continued to rap, although no official confirmation has emerged regarding the activity that took place between the two. Tim McGraw (2007) Location: Lafayette, La. What happened: A fan groped Tim McGraw’s crotch during a concert on his and wife Faith Hill’s headlining tour, prompting Mrs. McGraw to speak out about the incident when she took the stage. “Somebody needs to teach you some class, my friend,” she told the fan. “You don’t go grabbin’ somebody else’s, somebody’s husband’s [private parts], you understand me?