So Far, Couple’s Hollywood Fixer-upper Has Been A Downer

Hollywood couple stopped by police, say they were racially profiled

After thoroughly searching the car, the officer removed the handcuffs and let the couple go. “No apology, no nothing,” White wrote. White says he won’t stop talking about the incident until “that racist cop” is reprimanded and punished. “We’ve been conditioned to just think that it’s OK — that we have to just sweep it under the rug,” White told HLN. “But we’re not doing that no more. We’re fighting.” By Monday morning, the story had received nearly 700,000 views — making it the fourth most-viewed iReport of all time — and hundreds of comments about racial profiling and law enforcement in South Carolina and elsewhere. Many readers said they had experienced similar situations. Actress Kinnik Sky was among those who shared the story on her Facebook page. Sky, who was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina, said she knew White and Johnson’s account “to be absolutely true.” “I was like, ‘Wow, boy can I relate,’ because I am fearful of the cops as a whole, especially in South Carolina. My experiences have always been horrible.” The former “American Idol” finalist said whenever she returns from Los Angeles to her hometown she gets stopped by police “80% of the time” and questioned about drugs. On a recent trip she was “stopped, pulled over and questioned about every drug known to man,” she said. What’s your reaction to White and Johnson’s story? Sound off on iReport Her account is strikingly similar to what Johnson and White said they experienced. Johnson said she contacted Marion County for an incident report but was told that one was never filed.

Nestled beneath the Hollywood sign, the duplex that first-time homeowners John Sullivan and Carrie Dennis bought was near the studios he deals with and the Hollywood Bowl where she performs. The place was built in 1924 by a man who used a mule and gold-mining equipment as collateral, then bought by a woman who had gotten a loan from actress Mary Pickford. When Sullivan and Dennis acquired the home, it was owned by a painter who used one of the units as a studio. It was a fixer, but the clapboard duplex had a funkiness that charmed Sullivan, a 45-year-old writer, producer and actor, and Dennis, 35, the principal violist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. True, their upper-level two-bedroom unit lacked any closet space for them and their toddler twins, Atticus and Finneas. But the lower unit had a rent-paying tenant something that helped with the bills. But the lack of closet space turned out to be the least of their problems. Life for them on Glen Green Street first hit a roadblock when Sullivan set out to landscape the slope behind his house and repair a water-damaged 7-by-10-foot backyard storage room the family used for closet space. Sullivan planned to plant fruit trees that would tie in to a community orchard that a neighbor, actor Bill Pullman, was proposing at the top of the hill. But another neighbor, actress Jodi Long, objected when she noticed that Sullivan was digging into the slope to create terraces where the trees could be planted. Long’s property extends onto the hillside above Sullivan’s lot. “He was cutting into the hill and compromising it,” Long said. “I said, ‘You can’t do that my property is above you and I don’t want to be liable if my property ends up in your house.’ He shrugged me off.” When Long complained to the city, an inspector told Sullivan the rail ties could not be used as retaining walls and ordered them removed. Sullivan complied.

Aaron Paul Hosts ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Party at Hollywood Cemetery

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Rio De Janeiro Aims To Become The Hollywood Of South America

Theres going to be some major withdrawal for Breaking Bad fans. Well, this is it. The last episode ever of Breaking Bad. Thank you for sharing this ride with me. Without you we never would have lasted, Bryan Cranston tweeted yesterday before the series finale. But before fans said goodbye to their favorite drug dealers, co-starAaron Paul, 34,organized a private screening at Hollywoods Forever Cemetery, where it was never in doubt that Paul, known for connecting with fans, would show up himself. (Photo Credit: JB Lacroix/Getty Images) Fans dressed in hazmat suits were treated to blue meth candy,specialty donuts,and a speech from Paul and Cranston, 57,to the audience before and after the finale was screened. Read: Breaking Bad is Ending Run Still Looking Good Celebs not on the show were in attendance. Ewan McGregor was spotted in the VIP section and tweeted his condolences as a fan of the show with, Breaking Bad. Ends Tonight. #gotthebluesalready. The shows RV was also on display for fans to take a picture with before their favoriteprogram finally revealed the fate ofWalter White. Before thefestivities began, Paul came to rescue of fans who couldnt get into the sold-out event.He conducted a social media scavenger hunt, hiding tickets forhis followersto find in spots like the LA Express Newspaper Stand at Santa Monica and Highland he tweeted.