Youtube, Spike Jonze Team For New Music Awards Show

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1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, our global community’s influence is felt across the music industry,” addedDanielleTiedt,YouTube’svpmarketing. Leading into the awards show, YouTube will feature performances from Seoul, Moscow, London and a location in Brazil. Artists who will be performing internationally have yet to be announced. The YouTube Music Awards will celebrate the artists and songs that YouTube users have turned into global hits in the past year. PHOTOS: YouTube Phenom Austin Mahone Poised to Be Next Bieber Nominations for the YouTube Music Awards will be announced Oct. 17, based on the videos that the users watched and shared in the the past year. Categories have not yet been announced, but data-driven categories such as fastest-growing song are expected. Judging will take place as YouTube users determine the songs and artists who will be honored by sharing the content through social media. Vice Media and Sunset Lane are executive producing. Jonze’s collaboration with YouTube comes at an opportune time, as his sci-fi romance Her — which world premieres at the New York Film Festival — opens theatrically Dec. 18. Schwartzmanstars in the Tom Hanks-led Captain Phillips, opening five days earlier Dec. 13. Eminem’s eighth full-length, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, hits stores two days after his scheduled YouTube Music Awards performance Nov. 5. Lady Gaga’s Artpopdrops Nov. 11, while Arcade Fire’s third studio album, Reflektor, hits Oct.

Google Play Music goes live in 7 more countries, India still not on the list

No India on the horizon yet

The big news this time is that Google is rolling out Play Music as well as All Access for seven more countries. Sadly, India is nowhere on the radar yet. The Play Music and All Access feature has arrived in European countries like the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland, according to a report by Android Police . The news of Google Play Music and All Accesss rollout to more countries comes only a few days after it was revealed that Googles Play Books had finally made its way to New Zealand and a few more countries in Asia. No India on the horizon yet With this rollout, Google Play Music is now available in 20 territories the world over with the companys main focus on the US and Europe and All Access is available in 19 of these countries, with the exception of Germany. For those not in the know, Google Play Music is the Internet giants music store while All Access is the music streaming platform associated with it. All Access was introduced earlier this year at the Google I/O and was made available for about US $10 in available areas. India, as well as a host of other countries, is missing out on gaining access to Google Play Music, thanks to legal constraints. Theres hope, however, for India, since Google has introduced services like Play Books and more importantly Play Movies in the country. Play Movies was introduced in India back in March, post the Google I/O. The service lets users rent movies for as little as Rs 80 and even purchase it for about Rs 190. The availability of the Movies section of Google Play should be a good reason to pave the way to make Google Play Music and All Access available in the subcontinent.